The first step select product
   Click product name or product image to enter product details page for more information, and then choose to buy (if you have not login, can log on the current page), log on success after purchase, the information saved in your shopping cart

The second step View Shopping Cart
   Yes Shopping Cart Information submit your purchase order information is not successful, you can modify and delete shopping cart items ordered, to determine the goods after the shopping cart, please select the settlement or continue shopping.

The third step order information
   After the new user logs into the order information page, please check your order person information (Order Intelligence Yes you register the information submitted on this website). People need to modify the order information, please click on [revised], after the submission of information, select the payment / Delivery mode, payment method or message. You can also modify the product information back to shopping cart.

Step Submit Order
   After successful subscription, you can continue shopping or view the new orders.