Source: tea Date: 2014-5-16

Strategic opportunities of our cooperation What business are we doing? 1.Tea industry and Agriculture & food industry Establish manufacturing base,develope high quality products, provide serve for the global market.At present, we are exporting more than 30 countries, the production of 2800 kinds of products. 2.Machinery & Equipments Researching the development direction, innovate technological process, supply technology and equipment service for the global agriculture and tea industries. We are now exporting industrial service to 28 countries. Vegetables, industries feeding chickens, fishery and farm products are included. We especially supply technology support on drying, packing and extracting. 1.Information service and E-Commerce Researching the information-based of traditional industry, supply information technology for the development of industry. it mainly including: establishing E-commerce platform, information-based of farm production, supermarket management system, logistics management system and warehouse management system. 1, Tourist industry Surrounding the new trend of tourist development, develop modern tourist business model. Open foreign market, strengthen global cooperation. About our global strategy 1.supplying regional consumer market with high quality tea and farm products service 2.Purchasing special products from specific countries, exploit China and other markets. 3.Supplying agricuture industry, tea industry, food industry with technical innovation and equipment service. 4.Joining in the communication and cooperation of tourism between China and other countries. Cooperation and chance 1.Providing with mechanical equipment for the new products innovation. Details:supplying machine and technical innovation service for strip,flat,ball,teabag and triangle tea products. 2.Cooperations in other areas 2.1Establishing Demonstration areas of tea industry 2.2other areas:agricultural machinery,tourism and so on 2.3other ares you are interested. More details, you can visit the following websites. Pictoure

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